Bachelor of Arts in Health Management

Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes

The classes are taught in either 80% or 20% of the time in either French or Italian. Students have the opportunity to complete their bachelor theses in both languages. The main focus of the Bachelor's programme is on health and medicine related travel. By means of theory and practice in the fields of economics and tourist industry. In addition, the student acquires a wide range of specialist knowledge in the fields of economics and tourist industry.


In addition, they gain intercultural competence in managing the intercultural complexities of the tourist industry, especially in health and medicine related areas. Given the growing multi-cultural globalization of the tourist sector, great importance is attached to the evolution of students' linguistic knowledge. These eight modules are used to teach students:

Knowledge of languages (1st to 2nd semester). Scholarships and methodologies (1st to 4th semester). The following are required. Management of the economy (1st to 4th semester). (training in management of tourist activities (1st to 7th semester):

This Bachelor's degree course "International Tourist Management / Health & Medicine Tourism" consists of six theory terms, one internship and ends with a Bachelor's degree. Bachelor theses can be prepared in either Germany or England. Upon successful completion of their studies and their bachelor's theses. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) diploma is conferred.

It is possible for a student to study one or more terms at a foreign country abroad (Erasmus student exchanges). Students acquire a wide range of specialist knowledge through theory and practice in the fields of economics and tourist industry. They acquire knowledge of specific aspects of the economy and tourist industry. In addition, they acquire knowledge of core qualifications. Students from the Studentenwerk pay 52 Euro per term.

Further information about the necessary knowledge of English will be published on the Internet soon. Foreign students must also prove their command of German at the beginning of the first semester. They have to prove their proficiency in English. This is level C2 (TOEFL scores 64.1.2, TOEIC at least 75% of the maximal points., Cambridge Certificates are valid). Your point of contacts for incoming student representatives is Ms. Katarina Stoeger (

At the beginning of her study in parish churches, she assists foreigners in all matters of concern. Member of the Studentenclub RESP e. V. Our staff at the Academic Exchange Service and the Academic Exchange Service help foreigners and provide assistance before their study starts. Your personal point of contacts for student information is Ms. Katarina Stoeger ( You can also use our Academic Exchange Service to find an apartment.

Technical College offers important and up-to-date study programmes in a pleasant. It offers a pleasant. relaxing and secure atmosphere. Internationally appointed lecturers, supervisors and student representatives ensure a multi-cultural atmosphere at the university's two locations: the central student centre in the city of Degendorf and the EU Campus Rottal-Inn. Overall, more than 12% of the 6,000 foreign student numbers come from abroad.

The 160 partners' colleges around the globe offer a wide range of possibilities for studying abroad to gather experiences and academic achievements through periods of study abroad. This includes practical training and dual courses of study abroad. In addition, the English-language courses of study in the fields of economics. The courses of study offered at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin in Germany. are also very much appreciated by foreign and foreigners.

All of the course participants will be fully trained in German. They will be assisted by specialized programs in other languages. Full term study programmes are free of charge for domestic and international student. Our staff at the Institute provides university. The Institute provides university. Our staff at the Institute provides a wide range of services to foreigners.

Our university's careers services support our graduates with customized careers and applications training, an on-line jobs platform and a range of personality training and skills workshops designed to facilitate the transition from academia to work. In order to complement this and maximize students' life, the college and dormitories are located in close proximity to the city center and all facilities.

Furthermore. parish churches have an outstanding traffic connection via a well-developed street system, so that a fast. effective and pleasant journey is possible, so that the journey to München is only 90 min. away. Pupils can take advantage of numerous leisure opportunities with hot summer and snow-covered summer and wintertime.

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